I did not receive a notification. What to do?

Sometimes we experience issues with the email notifications. If a deadline has passed and you did not receive any notification: first, check your spam folder; if nothing there, contact us to get your notification.

I had to register before receiving the notification and have been selected to be a SV. Can I get reimbursed for the conference fee?

Students that have already paid that have become student volunteers can be reimbursed the difference in registration fees.

I do not want the SV accommodation. Can I get funding for my own accommodation?

Every year there are some students that have housing locally, and/or who are coming with their family or sharing a place with other people from their lab. In that case, the SV still have to pay the SV registration fee (approx. $130), but after the conference you will be reimbursed the registration fee. There is no other reimbursement.

Will I pay more than the registration fee?

The SV registration fee covers the housing. The conference is free, and the housing is a very interesting rate. However, some years the housing is either cheaper or more expensive than planned, we only know that at the end of the conference. As a result, you will either be reimbursed the difference or have to pay the difference, at the end of the conference. Usually, these are relatively small amounts (less than $100)