Student Volunteer Task Descriptions

NOTE: this page has NOT been updated for an online conference.

Below are short descriptions of the tasks performed by student volunteers.

Paper, Workshop, Tutorial, Challenge, and Panel sessions

Volunteers will be at the door to the session ensuring the door remains clear and that people entering have badges. At pre-selected times during the session, the volunteer will count the number of people in the room. Volunteers should introduce themselves to the session chair to determine if any other help is needed. Common additional help includes running the microphone during Question and Answer portions of each talk.

These tend to be the most coveted tasks. To more evenly distribute these tasks, the number of hours any volunteer can put towards them is limited.


Attendees will report at the registration desk when they first arrive at the conference, starting on October 22nd. SVs will find the registration materials (e.g., badge, banquet tickets) for each attendee under the direction of the IEEE staff present. Unusual registration cases and new registrations should be referred to the IEEE staff. The registration desk is highly visible, so SVs performing this task will also be expected to provide information at attendees request such as the location of certain sessions and the wifi password.

Early and late shifts may be required to assemble registration packets (Bag Stuffing) or move registration materials.

The early Sunday registration shifts will likely be very busy. SVs who can understand and find alphabetically ordered names quickly are encouraged to take these tasks. During these surge periods, we may have designated volunteers to provide information as needed (Information Desk). Later registration shifts may be significantly more quiet with less to do -- however, SVs must remain at the registration desk to provide information as needed.

Speaker Prep Room

SVs assigned to speaker prep must both guard equipment and to help people as needed. You will have a chair near the entrance of the rooms. If nobody is waiting in line to use the equipment, you may use them while you are on duty. Note: If somebody tries to move any equipment, please make sure they are working for the conference. You can ask for ID and/or names. We will give you a number to call when in doubt.

Art Show, Posters, Exhibits

SVs will patrol these areas -- checking badges, answering questions, and preventing theft. These are often quiet tasks with little interaction, especially during sessions. At the end of the poster period, we have a volunteer for Poster Wrap-up .


SVs will collect banquet tickets from attendees as they enter. They may also hand out return tickets for re-entry. Some work clearing the area may be needed in some years. SVs performing this task will be delayed in partaking of the banquet themselves.

Standby, Setup, Wrap up

SVs assigned to these tasks remain in the SV room and perform a variety of tasks as directed by the daily supervisor. These tasks include checking up on SVs assigned to other tasks, filling in for a missing SV, doing hallway headcounts, and lifting/moving materials. If there is little extra work to be done, SVs can do their own work as long as they remain within the SV room.

Update Slides

Deliver updated between-sessions slides to each session room.

SV Training session

To be defined.

Daily Supervisor

This task is by invitation of the SV chairs only. You will not be able to sign up for this task manually. Daily Supervisors spend an entire day of VIS in the SV room managing all active SVs, ensuring SVs check in and out of their tasks, ensuring all tasks are covered, explaining tasks to SVs unfamiliar with them, and any other management that needs to be done. At least one SV chair will be present throughout if larger problems manifest.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the conference.